Coach's Rules for a Successful Swim Season:


  • Do your best!  You only compete against yourself!

  • There is no “I” in "Team".   We are one team and we work together.

  • Provide power to your body with "The Powerful P’s”. No candy or soda when competing!

  • "Manner’s maketh the man, woman & child"  Be polite to officials, coaches, opponents and your teammates.

  • Practice time is scheduled well in advance.  Be on time, be in your suit,  cap & goggles and be ready to swim!

  • Swimmers are expected to help set up and clean up of practices and meets (i.e. lane lines, practice tools & equipment, tents,                     flags, starting blocks, etc)


  • Coach Vee and her staff should not be interrupted when coaching.  Hold questions til the end of practice.  If it is very urgent,                   approach and talk to her back on the left side.  She will not look at you, but she will respond.  Her eyes constantly                   watch the team.   

  • Questions and concerns can also be emailed to the team president Matt Weaver at

  • Coach Vee and her staff are not yelling at your athlete. Your swimmer needs to hear in the water and the coaches make sure                     that they can!

  • The Coach Vee is making a commitment to your athlete! Please make your commitment to your athlete!

  • From the time practice/meets start til the minute they end, your swimmers belong to Coach Vee and her staff.  AT THAT                         POINT, you as parents/guardians become cheerleaders until the end of practice/meet. 

  • Do not take your child until you have notified the coaches.  Coach Vee requires a "High Five" prior to your child leaving                           practice or a meet. 

  • Parents/Guardians ARE EXPECTED to volunteer at meets and practices.  Your swimmer will be a successful swimmer thanks to                their hard work, determination and the coaching staff.   Their whole swim season will be successful thanks to your                    dedication to volunteer and help where and when it is needed.  

POWERFUL "P's" = Rocket Fuel

Potassium- found in Bananas

Power Drinks - Gatorade/Powerade for Electrolytes  and to re-hydrate.

Porridge -Oatmeal  is a good power breakfast food

Pizza/Pasta - A good Supper or Lunch food that has the carbohydrates for swimmers

Potato - Baked is better -another food that has the carbohydrates for swimmers

Pillow - Plenty of sleep or take an afternoon nap for our evening meets

Plenty of Hugs- Positivity begets positivity.   Hug them prior to handing them over to the coaches and, rest assured, they'll return them to you after each practice/meet.  And then, hug them again, praising their abilities and hard work.